Do you make custom products?

Most of our products are custom versions of original factory parts. We are, however, a volume shop and do not make single units or special, “on request” parts unless you order large quantities. 

Do you export outside the USA?

Small components may be shipped without an export permit to a list of selected countries as long as the cost is less than $100 US ($500 US for Canada) per order.  Please refer to our “International Shipments” page.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Domestic shipping is $5.50 per item. Does not matter if you live in Manhattan Kansas or Manhattan N.Y. We ship within one business day, sometimes the same day depending on the timing of your order. Refer to our International Shipping page for International shipping rates.

Can you sell me a bolt handle without the knob?

Since our cost to make the knobs is significantly reduced by the size of the batches we manufacture and the volume that our equipment is capable of, we would have to sell the handle at pretty much the same price with or without the knob. We include the knob to provide you with the opportunity of selling it on your own if you wish to get a different style of knob.

Can I swap the knob on my bolt handle?

Yes, you may swap the knob for any other knob of your choice within the same price range. Some knobs are more expensive and swapping it for a different price knob would incur a surcharge.

Can I get a part I saw on your website in a different finish?

As a norm, our website displays all of the available finishes for all the components we make. If you do not see the finish you are looking for, send us an email as we may be out of stock at that time. We do not however, offer custom finishes.

Do you do any gunsmithing?

Not at this time. We are not licensed to perform maintenance on any customer firearms.

What is the return policy?

Your satisfaction is very important to all of us here at Glades Armory. In order to provide you with the quality of service you deserve, we’ve setup some basic guidelines that will make the merchandise return process very simple.

  1. Unused / unaltered merchandise may be returned to us within thirty days of purchase for a full 100% refund. Please contact us via email at for instructions.
  2. All returns must include any and all supporting materials as originally packaged:  Box, instructions, parts etc.
  3. Please do not make any alterations to any parts or components if you are planning on returning them to us.  We design, machine and test our parts using stock factory weapons as platforms.  If the part does not fit, please let us know so that we can investigate the issue and resolve it to your satisfaction. Nevertheless, the only way we would know if the part is out of spec is if we get it back from you unaltered. We apologize but we will not accept returns of parts that have been altered or show signs of use.
  4. Only refunds for defective items or incorrectly shipped merchandise will include the original shipping charge. We do not presently provide return labels or packaging. We will, however, refund USPS first class shipping charges in those cases when the wrong item was shipped or we can ascertain that the part shipped was  defective.  USPS First Class is fast, reliable, accessible and inexpensive. We will use USPS first class rates in those instances when we assume the cost of shipping regardless of the shipping service you choose to use for returns.