Our company

Glades Armory was founded in 2011 to meet a growing demand for aftermarket firearm components.  Using ultra precise CNC equipment and leveraging decades of machining and industrial design experience, our products have been welcomed into the market with outstanding reviews from firearms enthusiasts, hunters and bench rest professionals looking to extract the last bit of performance improvement from their equipment.
We are cognizant of the fact that the broad knowledge base, hard work and dedication of our employees will enable the manufacturing of outstanding products that will serve you well for the lifetime of your firearms.   That is, however, just half of the battle.  The other half is fought within the theater of a very competitive marketplace, where customer satisfaction must be achieved or we will face failure around every corner.   

Yes, our employees and suppliers hunt, fish, shoot tiny little groups into far away targets with high power rifles, roam the Florida Everglades, love machining, industrial design and participate in a very broad spectrum of activities which help enhance the functionality and quality of our components.  But the one thing binding all of our employees together is our focus on our customers because, without your support, our parts are simple pieces of metal which could not fulfill our professional goals. We at Glades Armory want you to feel confident when you purchase any of our custom manufactured components.  We want you to know that, beyond the technology and engineering experience we bring to bear in order to make great products, every single one of us knows what customer service is.

We invite you to experience Glades Armory‚Äôs growing line of products with confidence because we know and because we care.  We know how to machine and design components of a superior quality, and we care about your experience as our customer. That is our guarantee.