David Holmes, Glades Armory’s  Sales Manager,  announced the company’s  improved capabilities after the addition of a Citizen L20 Swiss CNC machine to their inventory. “Bringing this state of the art equipment online is not only a competitive advantage for Glades Armory in terms of our improved capabilities, but it will also result in improved quality and lower costs for our customers. “

A Swiss CNC machine, unlike most other CNC mills and lathes, has the ability to work with a shorter length of stock protruding through the spindle.  “The machine does not induce as much vibration of the stock as a regular CNC machine. Parts come out with less machining marks and also the production rate is much higher” said Holmes. “As we transfer the manufacturing of some of our parts to the new Citizen L20, our customers will see benefits in terms of both cost and quality.   We are exploring the possibility of passing some of the savings in machining time to our customers and we are going to start with our Tikka line.  Both the Tikka T3 and the Tikka 595 / 695 levers are designs that fit perfect with the machining capabilities of the Citizen L20.  It is very likely that our retail price on these parts will be lowered to reflect our much improved cost structure.”

Holmes emphasized that both the new generation Tikka T3 and Tikka 595 / Tikka 695 will be available in Melonite finish in order to cater to their customers’ preferences. “Many Tikka T3 customers have asked about the levers being offered in black. After experimenting with some of the baked on black finishes available, we determined they were not durable enough for the Tikka application and decided that Ferritic Nitrocarburazing, also known as Melonite or Tenifer in Europe,  is the best alternative. We have recently partnered with a supplier of Melonite coatings and our preliminary testing shows outstanding looks and durability.  When combined with the lowered pricing we were able to achieve, the results are totally worth it for our customers.  We expect our Tikka customers to be very satisfied with the looks, durability and pricing on these parts.”