Customer satisfaction is very important to us. 

Domestic Shipping

We are currently using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate.  In our opinion, it is safe, efficient and a great value for $5.50 per shipment.  Our shipments are, for the most part, delivered to the USPS in one business day.  Ocasionally, the Post Office will misroute packages and will take longer than the norm. This is out of our control and we would not be able to provide any aditional information as to why this happens. It is our policy to provide refunds only after twelve business days from when the Post Office accepted the package as indicated by the track.  Refunds are issue if and only if the track is not showing any movement for a period of twelve business days. 

Return Policy

Glades Armory takes pride in offering one of the simplest and most accommodating return policies in the industry:  Unused and Unaltered merchandise may be returned to us for a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase for any reason.

Simply do the following:

1 – Contact us at stating the problem with the part.

2 – Pack merchandise and include all supporting materials.  We will contact your shortly after with additional information.

Although we do not provide return labels, refunds awarded for defective or incorrectly shipped merchandise will include the original shipping charge.  We will gladly refund USPS first class shipping charges in those cases when the wrong item was shipped or we can ascertain that the part shipped was defective.

Unless otherwise specified, our custom parts are “Drop in Fit”.  However, operators make mistakes, tools wear out, weapons leave the factory not meeting blueprint specifications etc. The only way to know if a defect is isolated to a single part or to a whole batch is by having one of our technicians inspect the part in question. We apologize but we can not provide refunds for parts that have been altered by customers after they leave our shop.


Customer Service

Please address all your customer service requests to

We currently do not provide any live phone support. However, we will be able to address all your questions or concerns quickly and efficiently through email.  We do this because our customer base expands through three continents, several time zones, different languages etc. Under such business conditions, phone support would not be very practical and would incur staffing costs we’d rather spend in other areas of the business. We find email the best way of reaching us:  it is available when our customers need it, it leaves a detailed record of what the issue at hand is, and it is there when we get to it. Give it a try, it works!!